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History of a Star

With this catalog STAR SKI WAX presents the results of diligent technological research which began 30 years ago and has continued with ongoing commitment and dedication along with a passion for skiing. Star products have enabled many world cup athletes to achieve significant results.

We have always maintained that the right choice of wax should be done with scientific rigor, analyzing weather conditions and the morphology of the snow. For this reason we had produced chronometers with optical sensors, thermohygrometers, and computer programs to elaborate our own research. This equipment is now available and of common use to all technichians to test structures and waxes.

Our equipment, as well as our waxes, have been repeatedly copied or imitated, and this is a great source of pride for us. Innovation has always been our motto and we never rest on our achievements. We continue to propose new ideas using different raw material or new production processes. In recent years, unlike the other companies,we have reduced the number of products; few well-balanced waxes give consistent performance over time and make the job of ski men easier, safer, and faster.

We have earned through our commitment the image of a serious and reliable company in cooperation with our team of competent and knowledgeable technicians who follow the world cup races and the most important international competitions. Our waxes, accessories, and carbon ski poles can be found in the best sports shops all around the world, guaranteeing to all skiers enjoyment and to all racers winning risults.

With the same enthusiasm as always, we prepare to tackle a new season of hard work, strong of our 30 years of experience. Good luck to athletes, amateurs, technicians, and all those who share our same passion for winter sports.